Attention! are you facing challenges with PCOS, menopause, infertility, endometriosis, PMS, or other hormonal or pelvic health issues?
Then this webinar is for you!

🧘‍♀️Join us for a comprehensive webinar to manage your health concerns. Join the 30,000+ women who have transformed their lives through Yoga Practice taught by Yogini Srishti, and reversed conditions such as thyroid and PCOS, became a mother, and are LEADING A BETTER LIFE 🌸

Hi, I am Srishti Kaushik, better known as Yogini Srishti! I've dedicated my life to transforming women's lives through yoga and ayurveda. My approach combines timeless techniques with contemporary needs, crafting personalized pathways and sessions designed to heal, transform, and uplift you!

I am here to show you how through Yoga and Ayurvedic Lifestyle, you can manage lifestyle conditions that at times seem unmanageable and incurable


Problems We Will Work On